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The Modularized Vehicle Simulation (MVS)
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The Trajectory Reconstruction Program (TRP)
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Our intent with this page and its associated links is to introduce you to the simulation and postflight reconstruction code known as the Modularized Vehicle Simulation (MVS) and, in some operations, also known by many users as the Trajectory Reconstruction Program (TRP).This introduction will contain a little background and a little training on how to use it. Please take the short trip now through the history (A Little MVS and TRP History) of this sustaining code.

We start the training process with a Training Plan and a preliminary assignment to "warm your hackles" so to speak.I like to get you into the spirit of things before I throw the real MVS at you. Hopefully, you will begin to see that MVS is just another tool that runs well when you keep it greased and can fail miserably if you don't pay good enough attention. So, before you attempt the online lesson included below, prepare yourself for a typical MVS training seminar and do the preliminaries first.

(Please note that if you are planning on attending an introductory MVS Ops Center seminar, the preliminary problems are a required pre-training assignment).

Jump to the preliminaries now: Go To Preliminaries.

Note On Names : You will see the program referred to as MVS, MVSDP, TRP and MVS/TRP at various times. It has also had many other names in it's life (Baby MVS, for instance, when the IBM mainframe version was being built, sometimes referred to not so lovingly by Marty Rademacher as the @#&!ed four-lettered version.) For the web page text associated with this series, I will attempt to always use the term MVS, in honor of the original name.


The follwing introductory ONLINE class example is provided for you to give you a feel for what has been used in the past for the training & briefing of potential MVS/TRP analysts and managers interested in having their organizations use the program.

For starters and if you are interested, please page through this previous training forum, [Click here to enter SESSION 1 - MVS Structure and Implementation], which takes a look at the MVSDP/TRP structure and how the program is implemented. Then come back here to learn a little about the new MVS training format.


(January 2001)

The SESSION 1 example has been presented on this web site for about two years and has recently been replaced in actual training seesions by the MVS Ops Center series of classes including introductory and advanced sessions. The first in the Ops Center series is specifically called "MVS Ops Center" and is a five (5) day training seminar operated like an operations center (12 workstations at RMDAC and 16 at NAIC) stood up to observe and report on Rebel activity in Southern Mexico. (Click here to see the Brochure for the MVS Ops Center).

Attendees of the MVS Ops Center series finish their first week with an appreciation for the operations center concept of working on a near real time operational event and analyzing several different aspects of the event(s).

What: Dateline Jan 2005: The rebels have shown their hand. Your training will start when you receive a package of seminar reading materials the week before the class. As the actual training week begins, we activate the Ops Center and prepare for the probable rebel threat by creating a simulated model based on the flight characteristics of the hijacked Aries sounding rocket. On the morning of the second day we discover that overnight the rebels have attempted to launch one of their rockets but it has failed only 32 seconds into flight. This launch attempt was observed by two geosyncronous SBIRS sensors and our first job is to geolocate the launch area so that imagery can be obtained. The second job is to fly the failed attempt through the data. On the third day, the rebels succeed in launching a missile towards Mexico City but their aim is poor and they take out a women’s dormitory at the University of Mexico. We also receive imagery of the rebel camp. The fourth day we not only get SBIRS data for the latest launch, we find that Landsat has made a pass during a new launch and we are surprised to find that Landsat imaging radar can be used as normal radar data. ... Take it from there!

WHY FIVE DAYS?: Learning to use MVS/TRP successfully and rewardingly is something that continues well beyond a short training seminar. We have scheduled this training for five days because we have a lot to do and do not want to short change you. This “Ops Center” design is a new teaching design this year and one in which we believe the student will walk away from feeling that s/he has really accomplished something. There will be, however, many things not completely covered in five short days so we want the attendees to feel free at any time after the seminar to contact JEBSys Associates (See our Contact Section) whenever you are having a problem or wish to learn how to do something new. JEBSys Associates has established the MVS User’s Group (MUG) and is currently hosting the MUG home page which is UNCLASSIFIED but passworded for MUG members and which contains and will contain many of the goodies used with and in MVS such as models to do practically anything you may want to do with the program from Hohman transfer orbits to flying aircraft. JEBSys Associates invites each of you to be members of this group.

Agenda for the MVS Ops Center Seminars

Days 1 and 2

MVS Ops Center - Day 1 - Something's Up

0830 - Introduction
0840 - Daily Intel Brief
0900 - MVS Overview Part 1

1000 - BREAK

1015 - MVS Overview Part 2

1130 - LUNCH

1300 - Milestone Data Base Overview
1345 - MVS Operation

1445 - BREAK

1500 - Flying the Arab!
1600 - ... Breaking News!
1630 - Ops Center Down

MVS Ops Center - Day 2 - Launch Failure

0830 - Daily Intel Brief
0900 - Review of Day 1 & MVS Output Summary

1000 - BREAK

1015 - The X5 Format - Part I

1130 - LUNCH

1230 - Geolocating the Rebels

1400 - BREAK

1415 - The X5 Format - Part II
1600 - Tuesday Lab (Optional)

1630 - Ops Center Down

So there you have it, the beginnings of the MVS knowledge and the introduction to an amazing program that has survived these 40 years due to its well thought out design in the early 1960's and its continual upgrades to meet the challenges of the defense community and its many and varied sensing devices. You will either love MVS or hate it and one hopes that the former emotion is the one that sticks. - JEB [September 2001]

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