JEBSys Associates

Company Info

Jim Bernier, the owner and sole proprietor of JEBSys Associates, has been involved in the defense analysis business for over 40 years, in military operations with the Air Force and as a civilian private contractor to the defense industry.

He has worked on a variety of mainframes, minis, desk and laptops (DEC-VAX, IBM, CDC, Pr1me, Macintosh, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Sun SPARC stations, Silicon Graphics), and is proficient in several programming languages, scripting languages and operating systems.

Jim holds a degree in mathematics, and has worked primarily in the fields of astrophysics, missile simulation and modeling and the developing of complex computer models critical to the defense of our country.

JEBSys Associates maintains relationships with a variety of specialists, both in the field of systems analysis and software development. These relationships include FORTRAN, C and C++ programmers, computer science professionals, graphic designers, systems specialists, database developers and hardware technical staff, who can assist in virtually any computer-related project.

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